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Attorney Reginald Greene worked diligently on my case to get it settled favorably for me. At first, opposing counsel was not offering anything remotely near what my continued injuries warranted. We were set for trial and it was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. However, Attorney Greene and I met and we had a plan at the end of that meeting. I was very specific in my expectations and he went for it. Throughout the evening and the next morning, he emailed me that he was working on it and was getting closer but we weren't there yet. Within a matter of hours, my case settled for what I asked him for. I must admit, the settlement was very unexpected considering what our initial demand required. Giving all the glory and honor to God for sending me Attorney Greene. He was put in my path at the right place and time. He worked very hard for me. Thank you Attorney Greene for your time, hard work and commitment. I cannot forget your support staff, especially Ms. Debbie. She kept me informed and entertained. She made the process a little less traumatic for me with her smile and wit. Please thank her for me.
Jaunicia Everett
The Lawyers were very knowledgeable & listened very well & very patient, 2 thumbs u p to The Super Lawyer - Greene Legal Group
William Veasly
I was very nervous going into the process of a law suit. I didn’t know the expressed language to do it on my own. That’s where Mr. Green came in and solved everything for me! He step by step walked me through every process needed to ensure I got the settlement I deserved! Through the whole process I was able to speak with him directly to have my concerns awnsered and solved!! It was awesome working with him and his team through this process!
Jim Claxton
Mr. Greene and his staff, were absolutely amazing. They truly turned my devastating ordeal into a life changing successful secure future. With patience and trust, He will get the job done. He is very straight foward and realistic. Thank you so much. I honestly feel like I'm apart of The Super Lawyer - Greene Legal Group family. 😀
Truly Nelson

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My sister and I was in an accident... We was hit by a tractor trailer without knowing what to do we was referred to The Super Lawyer - Greene Legal Group... Mr. Greene made me feel secure with him representing our case. His staff kept me updated on any changes and was very polite. I would recommend Mr. Greene and his staff to anyone in need.
Itzzz Yaya
What a great Experience I have had with The Super Lawyer - Greene Legal Group. I had been with them for about a year. In that year they have assisted me wonderfully. Settling my case with Awesome numbers that not all Attorneys would fight for and I've had some bad experiences with my share of Attorney's. I would recommend Greene Legal group to anyone in need of Great representation.
Raquel Barnes
I was involved in a car accident where a car t-boned me and completely totaled out my car leaving me with injuries and light trauma with further operating any motor vehicles. I was referred to Mr.Greene and I must say it was the smoothest and easiest process ever. He handled all of my legal and medical issues leaving me with not one complaint or worry and with the help of Breona my case was settled faster then I even excpected... Thank you so much The Super Lawyer - Greene Legal Group.
Cierra Robbins