Two Adults, Two Children Killed in DeKalb Plane Crash

Rescue crews and the National Transportation Safety Board were both called to the site of a DeKalb plane crash on Friday, October 8. Apparently, a private plane was leaving the runway of the DeKalb-Peachtree Airport when witnesses said they saw it decline and crash. The next thing they knew, the plane was on fire with plumes of smoke venturing high into the air. 

Local witnesses actually captured much of the crash on their cell phones. These videos should prove helpful for investigators as they try to sift through the debris to determine what happened. 

The plane was a 1978 6-seater Cessna P21ON Centurion. Local aircraft mechanics confirmed that the plane had recently been outfitted with a Rolls Royce engine to replace an aging Continental engine. There is no proof that this repair is what led to the DeKalb plane crash but the investigation is still ongoing. One thing is for sure – weather did not play a role in this crash.

The man piloting the plane was Jonathan Rosen, a 47-year-old CEO of a local company called Entaire Global Company. His daughter, 14-year-old Allison was also on the plane. Sadly, both Rosen and his daughter passed away during the crash and were pronounced dead at arrival. The same is true for the two passengers, Lauren Harrington (42) and Julia Smith (13). 

The investigation is still underway. Naturally, the National Transportation Safety Board is on site participating in the investigation as well.

The staff at the airport said they didn’t notice anything unusual when the plane took off. 

If there was something wrong with the new engine or the plane, the families of the victims may have a claim for wrongful death. If you or your loved one are hurt in a plane crash, call an Atlanta wrongful death lawyer right away. 


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