Motorcycle Accidents: Most Common Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can change your life. Any type of vehicular accident causes a lot of problems for everyone involved. However, most serious accidents involve motorcycles and bikes getting out of control. As you know that motorcyclists are exposed to a lot of dangers and there are not a lot of precautions you can take. You can wear helmets and knee pads to avoid any serious damage to your body. Unfortunately, any road accident involving a motorcycle ends up leading to serious health issues. Both you and your family might have to deal with serious consequences, so it’s best to get in touch with a qualified motorcycle accident attorney in Decauter from The Super Lawyer Legal Group. Our Georgia personal injury attorneys are always eager to help accident victims claim fair compensation for motorcycle accident injuries.

For now, let’s explore the problem itself.

Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Let’s see what are some of the most common injuries occurring due to motorcycle accidents:

Traumatic Brain Injury

Injuries to the head can be quite serious when they’re caused by motorcycle accidents. This is why it’s necessary to always wear a helmet when traveling on a bike. The helmet can protect the brain when you hit a hard surface or pavement during an accident. If the accident wasn’t severe, you might get a mild concussion but in some cases, it can lead to a traumatic brain injury.

A brain injury can affect your brain cells causing bruising, torn tissues, bleeding, or physical damage to the head. Head injuries are the worst type of injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents. You can get permanent physical, mental, and emotional damage. TBIs can lead to a skull fracture and more neurological complications.

You should always follow the safety requirements and wear all protective gear when going out on a motorcycle. However, you cannot control the negligence of another driver. Safety is the top priority for everyone and it’s the only way to avoid accidents.

Bone Fractures

Motorcycles are not stable when driving and the driver isn’t in an upright position at all times. So, when an accident occurs on the road, it takes a split second for everything to get chaotic. The driver can fall or trip and end up getting severely injured. One of the most common injuries includes bone fractures because your entire body is unprotected and at the risk.

Fractures can occur both in the upper extremities and lower extremities during the accident or trying to prevent further damage. Blunt-force trauma is quite common in motorcycle accidents because many surfaces can easily break the skin. Leg injuries and fractures happen quite often because the bike can often fall on the rider’s legs.

Spinal Injuries

The spinal cord plays an integral part in making our body and brain fully functional. Injuries to both the spine and spinal cord are extremely dangerous. The brain uses the spinal cord to send messages and command the nerves. However, a spinal injury may result in total or partial paralysis of the body.

These types of injuries take a long time to heal and recovery needs long and extensive physical therapy sessions. Even after treatment, the patients can suffer from chronic pain so their lives are never the same again.

Internal Bleeding

When the outer surfaces of the body undergo any harm, it’s easy to detect. For instance, if there’s an open wound, you can take precautions to stop the bleeding. But when there’s internal bleeding inside the body, you need urgent medical care. Any sort of damage to your internal organs can result in serious health problems.

A lot of times when some motorcyclists only end up with minor bruises or scratches, they fail to get a proper check-up. Because internal bleeding does not have clear signs, you need to see a doctor if any accident occurs.

Road Rash

Road rash is any injury that occurs to the lower part of the rider’s body. This is quite common during bike accidents because people have to swerve to avoid getting hit by oncoming traffic. Most riders end up hitting the sharp surface of the road which results in injuries. Depending upon the speed, type of clothing, and surface, road rashes can vary in nature.

Road rash causes severe, painful skin abrasions that require skin grafting to heal. You need immediate medical attention to avoid infection or permanent scarring.

Facial Injuries

Face injuries in motorcycle accidents are common and include broken noses, broken teeth, and skin abrasions. Facial injuries have a long-lasting impact because you can get permanent scarring or disfigurement. This can be emotionally distressing for the rider because everyone values their facial features.

Don’t Take Any of Your Injuries for Granted!

A motorcycle ride can feel exhilarating but can turn catastrophic if you don’t take safety precautions or if another driver is negligent. However, whether you get a minor injury or serious damage, you need to get medical attention right away. Any delay in receiving the right help can cause more damage to your body and lead to complications.

People often get mistaken and think that only serious injuries and fractures require hospitalization. In some cases, people get minor scratches after an accident and take it for granted. If you didn’t get severely injured, that doesn’t mean you’re safe.

Your skin and body come into contact with the hard and dirty surface of the road. Countless bacteria and viruses can cause infections through a minor cut. This is why a thorough check-up is necessary.

Reach Out To The Best Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Decatur

When a person goes through an accident, there are emotional and physical damages. Your body can heal but the traumatic experience stays with you and can cause depression and make life more difficult either in the short-term or long-term. Even if you know that the accident wasn’t your fault and there’s someone to blame, you might feel scared to reach out for help.

We have an exceptional team of motorcycle accident attorneys in Decatur who are committed to your safety. Our lawyers have dealt with many cases involving road accidents and we believe in getting you the help you deserve. We understand that the accident can damage the quality of your life but we can help you cope with the loss by getting you the justice you deserve!

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