What Are the Leading Causes of Teen Car Accidents in Atlanta?

Teenage drivers are more likely to be engaged in car accidents as compared to adult drivers in Atlanta, Georgia. Most teen deaths are caused by on-road car accidents in Atlanta as with other states of the USA.

Motor vehicle accidents are common in Atlanta and can affect all age groups. But, unfortunately, teenagers are one of the most age groups when it comes to traffic crashes. Yearly, several teens sustain injuries or lose their lives in teen car crashes.

This is mostly because of teenage drivers’ lack of experience.

While teenagers add up to be only 14% of the national population, they account for as much as 30% of the cost of injuries caused by car crashes all year. Insurance companies are also well-informed of these figures, and this awareness is reflected in higher policy rates for families with teenage drivers.

If you or your loved ones are caught up in a vehicle collision caused by a teen driver, you should contact an Atlanta car accident attorney immediately. A competent lawyer will guide you on your rights and the steps to take in the future.

Various traffic collisions happening in Atlanta, Georgia, have teen drivers involved. It is significant to determine and control the leading causes of teen car crashes in the city. There are several reasons for accidents caused by teenagers. Some of them are listed below:


The primary factor that causes most teen car accidents is the lack of driving experience. When teens get their driver’s license, they can’t wait any longer and start driving. This excitement and thrill make them forget they are not well-experienced, so they fail to identify the dangers on the road.

They cannot recognize or understand dangerous on-road situations and adapt their driving accordingly. This can result in inadequate decisions and critical errors that lead to on-road accidents. That’s why an adult should always accompany a teen until they gain some driving experience and become familiar with the road’s rules.

Distracted Driving

Accidents are unexpected and can happen in a flash, especially when the driver is not focused. Teenagers are thought to be more distracted while driving as compared to adults. There are three different types of distraction on the road that leads to serious car collisions.

Visual Distractions

This type of distraction can take your eyes off the roadway. In this era of technology, teenagers are more interested in social media and are usually focused only on their smartphones. It is common for them to look away from the road to use their phones. Such acts distract them, leading to serious road accidents.

Manual Distractions

This type of distraction involves taking hands off the steering wheel for other purposes. Because of their inexperience, they leave the wheel for sending texts, eating, making calls, and so on.

Such distractions can lead to road accidents and cause severe injuries to people involved.

Cognitive Distractions

These are mental distractions that can influence the concentration from the road. Teen drivers have to make an unwavering effort to keep absolute attention on the road and avoid all distractions.

By preventing distractions during driving, you can avoid some severe car accidents.


The excitement and thrill of driving on the road can lead teenagers to drive at a higher speed. While Atlanta, Georgia, doesn’t have any specific speed limit regulations for teen drivers. Still, they should follow the legal speed limit of the roadway on which they’re traveling.

Anyone failing to abide by the required speed limit can end up being involved in major car accidents and can also receive a citation for speeding.

Driving Under Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or DUI can further increase the risks of auto accidents, and the situation is worse in the case of a teen driver. Georgia is considered a zero-tolerance state that means the drivers below 21 years must have less than the proscribed alcohol concentration in blood when driving.

A teen driver commits an offense and is liable to face punishment for driving intoxicated.

Who Is Responsible for a Teen Car Crash?

The liability for a car crash involving a teen driver is similar to the accidents involving adults. Since Georgia follows a fault system, the at-fault party would be responsible for paying compensation to the injured victims during the crash.

Primarily, the responding law enforcement agency will analyze the accident location to determine the driver at fault. They will start by examining the crash scene, the number of vehicles involved, video footage, and speaking with witnesses.

If the car crash is caused by the negligence of a teen driver, their parents or guardians will be liable to pay the compensation charges using the auto insurance policy.

Get the Legal Help You Need, Right Now!

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