Atlanta Police Officer Seriously Hurt in Interstate 20 Crash, Still Recovering

There have been more stories lately about police officers getting injured while tending to stranded motorists. An Atlanta police officer named Duc Vo shared his own story on October 27, describing how badly he was hurt in an Interstate 20 crash back in June and how he is still in recovery and on light duty following the incident. 

Vo was injured while helping someone whose vehicle had broken down on the side of the road. While he was talking to the stranded motorist, he noticed a car was barreling toward him. The next thing he knew, the car continued to careen in his direction until it knocked him off his feet.

As a result of the impact, Vo’s body was thrown to the ground. By the time a fellow officer reported to the scene, Vo had sustained very serious injuries. He was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment. As of the most recent reports, the officer was on his way to recovery and said he was thankful he had survived the Interstate 20 crash.

Georgia follows the “Move Over Law.” This law states that you must pull over to another lane or, if that isn’t possible, you must slow down if you see a police officer or rescue crew on the scene of an accident. As part of this law, police officers no longer deal with the drivers on the driver’s side of the vehicle. It’s one of the only ways to keep them safe. Unfortunately, in this current accident, there was no way for Vo to avoid the impact. The rogue driver followed him over to the side of the road near the shoulder.

Officers are at an increased risk of being hit by a passing car because they work on dangerous roads and highways. Thousands are hurt each year. If you or your loved one are hit by a vehicle while helping a fellow motorist, call an Atlanta car accident attorney right away.


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