Single-Car Crash in Clarke County Kills Athens Man

A man was killed in a single-car crash in Clarke County on the night of Saturday, December 26. According to the preliminary investigations conducted by the Clarke County Coroner’s Office, the accident happened when a driver traveling along the Buddy Christian Way somehow lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle then veered away from the roadway and crashed into a ravine that was significantly below the level of the road.

The wreck of the vehicle and the body of the driver were found a day later on Sunday, December 27. It was called in after a motorist passing by the area noticed the vehicle in the ravine. Based on the evidence on both, the authorities surmised that the accident had likely occurred after 7 p.m. on Saturday.

The driver of the vehicle had sustained critical injuries in the crash and died of these injuries. He was identified by the Coroner’s Office as Henry Faust Jr., 68, of Athens.

Once the vehicle was discovered, a number of local authorities responded to the incident. These included the Clarke County Coroner’s Office and the Athens-Clarke County Police Traffic Unit among others. Authorities also shut down the area between Cherokee and Winterville roads as they conducted on-site investigations and cleanup. The stretch of road remained closed for several hours from around 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Coroner’s Office further confirmed that the deceased victim had a driver’s license on him. The license listed his address of residence as a location in Carlton. However, investigations revealed that Faust had recently been living at a different location, at the Hallmark Estates along the Spring Valley Road.

The single-car crash in Clarke County remains under investigation and it is expected that further details surrounding the causes of the accident will become available briefly.

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