Teen Dies in Steubenville Rollover Accident

A family received devastating news this week when they got the phone call everyone dreads. 17-year old Mitia Pruitt was traveling in a car with two of her close friends and two other young men. Her sister said she was only with them because they were going to pick up another friend in Atlanta. She didn’t know the male driver or the other male passenger.

Her two friends, 18-year old Chloe Dudley of Xenia, and 19-year old Maniya Connelly of Akron, were in the car with her. The vehicle they had been driving earlier in the day had given them trouble, so they took a different vehicle instead.

The man driving the car was driving too fast on a road in Cobb County when he tried to navigate a curve. Sadly, as a result of speeding, he was unable to do so and lost control of his car. He ended up crossing the center lines and left the roadway. After running off the road, his vehicle crashed into a tree and proceeded to roll over.

Mitia and her two girlfriends were ejected from the car upon impact. The driver, whose name has not been released, only suffered minor injuries. A second male passenger escaped without injury as well.

The report didn’t indicate if the driver or any of the other occupants were wearing their seatbelts.

As a result of the crash, 17-year old Mitia passed away. Her family is devastated. They have stated they don’t have the money to bring her body home to Steubenville or to bury her.

The victim’s family will likely have a wrongful death claim against the man driving the car at the time of the crash.

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Source: https://www.heraldstaronline.com/news/local-news/2020/09/local-teen-killed-in-georgia-accident/

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