Tragic 15-Vehicle Crash on I-65 Kills Nine Children

Nine children lost their lives in a tragic 15-vehicle crash on I-65 over the weekend. The fatal incident likely came about due to dangerous road conditions created by Tropical Depression Claudette which has caused tornadoes and flash floods across the state.

According to the details shared by the authorities, the incident involved a chain reaction crash involving 15 vehicles. It took place on Saturday, June 19. The 15-vehicle crash on I-65 occurred on a descending stretch and it is believed that the vehicles involved in the crash hydroplaned.

Most of the children who lost their lives in the crash were traveling in a van belonging to a youth ranch. These children were aged 4 to 17. The children were returning back to their ranch from a week on the Gulf Shores beach. During the collision, the van caught fire. All the eight children traveling in the van suffered critical injuries and died on the scene of the accident.

The sole survivor from the van was the director of the youth ranch, Candice Gulley. She was taken to a Montgomery hospital in critical condition. One of the deceased children who were traveling in the van was Gulley’s child.

A ninth child, aged only 9 months, also died in a separate vehicle which also became embroiled in the multi-vehicle crash. The child’s mother, Cody Fox, also died at the same time.

The accident happened nearly 35 miles south of Montgomery. The stretch of the road where it occurred is a downhill curve, known for hydroplaning incidents. This is why authorities currently believe that hydroplaning likely caused this crash.

In tragic accidents caused by adverse road conditions like these, liability is a complex issue. The survivors of the deceased victims should best consult a car accident lawyer to know their legal options.


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