Two Teens Die in Southwest Atlanta Accident After Being Pursued by Trooper

The people of Atlanta were rocked by the shocking revelations made hours after a southwest Atlanta accident that left two teenagers, one of them pregnant, dead. Emergency workers were rushed to the accident site following the crash on November 4, at 1:28 A.M. where four teenagers in a Silver Toyota Camry collided with a utility pole.

The driver was speeding through the city streets but eventually lost control and hit a utility pole situated in Joseph E. Lowery Blvd. Following the impact, the teens were rushed to the hospital; however, two of them did not make it. 

A police trooper who reported the southwest Atlanta accident initially said that he had noticed the teens driving at a whopping 100 miles per hour. He tried to stop the car but the teenagers ignored the orders and instead sped away, leading to a police car chase. Following the hot pursuit where the trooper says that he began losing sight of the silver car ahead of him, the teenagers failed to maneuver a left turn on the Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard, crashing with a solid thud into the utility pole on the road.

The sudden impact wrecked the car and caused severe damage to all present inside, none of whom were wearing seatbelts. Emergency services wasted no time in rushing the teens to the Grady Memorial Hospital, but for two of them, it was already too late.

This case may go much beyond speeding as narcotics and weapons were also recovered from the scene.

On-road safety is one of the most important things to ensure when driving your vehicle. If you’re ever involved in a crash where the other party failed to uphold their duty of care and acted neglectfully, i.e. by speeding, aggressive driving, and so on, seek legal counsel from a Georgia car accident attorney right away.


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