Witness Impact on a Car Accident Case

Car accident claims can be complicated. The debate for liability boils down to the cases presented by the victim, the insurance company, and the policyholders. A witness statement can tip things in favor of the crash victims.

Having an unbiased eyewitness can be critical. They can fill in the spaces for the insurance adjuster as to exactly what caused the accident in the first place. The aftermath of a car accident in Atlanta can be worrisome to deal with on your own.

Professional Atlanta car accident attorneys can help you gather witness statements and build a strong case. In the meantime, you can assess your injuries and recover as quickly as possible.

What Is A Witness Statement?

A witness statement is a comprehensive written summary provided by a person who personally witnessed the car accident. It is essential that the witness only has first-hand knowledge. If the statement relies upon someone else’s recollection, you can’t avail of it during the trial.

Some vital details make a witness statement more effective and acceptable:

  • Where was the witness present when the accident occurred?
  • Where was the witness going?
  • Where were they coming from?
  • Did the witness have a clear view of the scene?

Who Can Provide A Witness Statement?

Two types of witnesses can help you build your case. Professional car accident lawyers can use this information for filing a compensation claim for your loss.

Eyewitness Testimony

Eyewitnesses provide a more detailed view of the accident. They offer an objective, third-party account of what happened. A witness doesn’t have any relation with either of the parties involved in the crash. People in the vehicles involved are normally biased toward the victim or at-fault party. Therefore, an objective testimony is considered more valuable and accurate.

Objective eyewitnesses include:

  • Other drivers who are not involved in the crash
  • Pedestrians not involved in the crash
  • Business owners, employees, and customers in or around the area of the crash

Expert Witness Testimony

Some compensation cases can be more complicated than others. You’ll also require an expert witness with extensive knowledge to help you strengthen a claim. There are different types of expert witnesses:

Medical Expert Witnesses 

These are medical professionals who diagnose and treat injuries. They can unveil the reason behind a car accident, i.e., an unexpected health emergency that caused the accident.

Forensic Expert Witness

A forensic expert can help in case of a fatality. They can determine whether the accident was the cause of a fatality.

Financial Expert Witness

Financial expert witness focuses on the financial aspect of a case. These experts can testify whether a person can work in their specific career to project future loss of earnings. They can influence the overall value of your case.

Mental Health Expert Witness

Mental health expert witnesses are similar to medical experts, but they only specialize in mental issues caused due to the accident. They can affirm if the accident caused or aggravated any mental health issue in the victim.

Vocational Expert Witness 

A vocational expert witness can confirm whether the individual can work in the future because of the accident. The testimony can affect the value of your compensation claim.

How Do You Find Witnesses?

People passing by on foot or in other vehicles are competent witnesses. Other drivers can be considered good witnesses if they had a clear view of the collision. There are several obvious places you can look for witnesses.

Road, construction, or utility workers often witness car accidents occurring during the day. Because of their proximity, these workers often have a good view of the scene. You can also collect evidence from the 911 audio or the CAD report.

If a witness calls 911, the operator records their full name and phone number. It will help you reach the witness, even if they weren’t interviewed by the responding police officer.

How Can A Witness Statement Impact A Case?

Both the eyewitness and expert witness statements pose a significant impact on your compensation case. These testimonies serve as vital pieces of evidence. They can help prove the liability of the other drivers in the collision.

The eyewitness can reveal the reason behind the collision and behavior of drivers at the moment. You can challenge an at-fault driver’s excuses about mechanical failures or a medical emergency.

Legal Assistance Is Only A Phonecall Away

Gathering and recording witness statements can be exhausting and time-consuming for an injured victim. That is why you should ask for a licensed professional attorney to help you with the task. We, at Reginald Greene and associates, are a team of competent lawyers with years of experience.

We can help you gather all required witness statements and evidence to build a strong case. We will strive on your behalf to recover the compensation you deserve for your loss.

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