Car Accident Lawyer: How Much Will It Set You Back?

Car accidents can lead to heavy financial disasters for the victims, and one such financial worry is the cost of hiring an Atlanta car accident lawyer. Though you can get compensated for your losses, both financial and otherwise, that resulted due to the negligence of the liable party, all of that is preceded by having to hire an attorney to represent you.

Looking to get a fair settlement on your own for an Atlanta car crash?

Well, good luck to you, but honestly, your chances are scarce without legal assistance.

Hiring an attorney is the sensible thing to do here, but what about the costs?

In this article, we’ll answer just that!

How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost in Atlanta?

Usually, attorneys charge a per-hour fee for cases. However, personal injury claims are different, and usually, lawyers don’t demand anything upfront.

Yes, we’re not kidding – hiring a personal injury attorney can cost you absolutely nothing!

This is called the contingency fee arrangement.

On your end, you won’t have to pay anything from your pocket to your attorneys in the form of legal fees and other expenses. Instead, you’ll be free to get patched up and stay relaxed during this whole time while your lawyers work endlessly to get you compensated for your losses.

But, how will you pay for the attorney fees then?

The contingency fee arrangement works rather simply: you only have to pay a fraction of your winnings as legal fees. In other words, you only have to pay if and when you win your claim. This takes a huge burden off the shoulders of the accident victims, many of whom hesitate when hiring an attorney due to the supposedly high fees.

Worry no more about legal fees in a car accident case in Atlanta.

Read on to find out how exactly does a contingency fee arrangement work.

How Does the Contingency Fee Basis Work in Atlanta?

As with all financial agreements, the contingency fee plan is also a written contract dictated by the regulations and laws of the state. Lawyers usually charge lower percentages for smaller sums and increase the percentage for bigger winnings.

However, in any case, an attorney cannot overcharge their clients because that goes against the law.

Overall, the agreement works to the benefit of the clients. Think of it like this: you don’t have to spend any money upfront, there are no monetary risks whatsoever – if you don’t get a settlement, you don’t have to pay, and the lawyers will be paid a percentage of your winnings.

This means that your attorneys will be completely committed to getting fair compensation for you, as their own earnings depend on it.

Atlanta car accident lawyer

What Are the Perks of Signing Up for a Contingency Fee Plan?

The contingency fee arrangement works best for the clients or the victims, no matter how you look at it. Moreover, the system allows clients to hire attorneys for high-value cases; this would not have been otherwise possible.

Here are some of the most prominent perks of the contingency fee plan:

Low Financial Risk

This is pretty much self-explanatory. You don’t have to pay a cent for the legal services you get for your case and won’t be hindered from hiring legal help even if you can’t afford the attorney fees. You’ll only have to pay if and when you win your case.

Full Protection Offered

Since the lawyer will only get a percentage of the client’s winnings, it would only make sense for them to pick up cases that have a solid basis. If your attorney is willing to handle your case, this means that you have a fair chance of getting compensated for your losses.

Enhanced Chances of Fair Settlement

Lastly, the amount your lawyer will get for their services depends directly on your own winnings.

Thus, you can expect all efforts from your lawyer to get you compensated fully and wholly.

Is Hiring an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Cost-Effective?

Considering that you don’t stand to lose anything and will get compensated fairly (this is, after all, your only chance), hiring an attorney in Atlanta makes perfect sense. It is perfectly cost-effective too since you won’t have to pay anything from your pocket.

Though the attorney fees are usually higher in the case of contingency fee arrangements, this does not affect the victims directly. At least not negatively. The only alternative would be trying to settle your case on your own, but that would leave the victim with a meager amount of compensation.

All things considered, hiring attorneys on a contingency fee agreement works well for all parties involved, especially you, who don’t have to pay anything for top-tier services. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you get compensated for your losses even if you can’t afford legal help.

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If you’re reading this and have come so far, you either need legal help for yourself or a loved one following a car accident in Atlanta. With the mounting financial pressure at hand and post-accident trauma to deal with, victims should not have to worry about hiring a qualified and experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer.

As per the at-fault statute followed in the state of Georgia, the negligent party must pay for the damages caused to the victim. And though the insurance company may seem all too eager to do just that, you should know that only your legal team will be able to uphold your best interests in this regard. The Super Lawyer team is a dedicated group of professionals who want to help you throughout this ordeal.

Not only will we work on your case without asking for any upfront payments, but will also dedicate our efforts and resources to getting you fairly compensated. Our goal is to cover all your monetary and non-economic damages both in the short and long term.

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