Court Sentences Man to 20 Years for Vehicular Homicide in Georgia

A man was sentenced to 20 years in prison for vehicular homicide in Georgia. The charges were brought in connection with a fatal accident that took place back in August, 2020. The sentence was pronounced by a judge of the Georgia Superior Court on Monday, February 22.

According to the details shared by the Cherokee County authorities, the man who received the sentence was identified as Jonathan Scott Mitchell. Mitchell was driving a stolen U-Haul van when the crash occurred. He was traveling along Georgia Highway 20 and headed towards Bartow County. As he reached the intersection of GH 20 and Roving Road, he failed to yield the right of way.

This resulted in a collision between the U-Haul he was driving and another vehicle. The sheer impact of the collision caused the driver of the other vehicle to sustain fatal injuries. The driver, identified as Myra Turner, 53, died on the scene of the crash. A second occupant, identified as Turner’s sister, was also traveling in the car at the time. She sustained serious injuries.

Following the collision, Mitchell next stole a civilian responder truck and fled the scene of the crash. This aggravated the offense and turned it into a hit-and-run. He was then pursued by the Bartow County deputies and finally taken into custody.

A number of charges were brought against him in the wake of the crash. Investigations revealed that Mitchell was driving under the influence of drugs at the time.

The charges brought against him included two counts of first-degree vehicular homicide in Georgia, two felony counts of serious injury by vehicle, two counts of felony hit-and-run, one count of theft by taking, two DUI charges, two failure to report an accident charges, and a failure to yield charge. In addition to the 20 years behind bars, Mitchell will also be required to undergo a 20-year probation sentence.

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