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If you or your loved one has been involved in a serious accident, you may suffer serious and long-lasting neck injuries. These injuries can impact your ability to perform your regular daily activities and earn a living. When you suffer neck injuries in an auto accident or slip and fall due to someone else’s fault, you should immediately reach out to an Atlanta neck injury lawyer.

Georgia’s law allows you to claim compensation for medical and lost income from the at-fault party. You should prove the negligence of the responsible party. With the right help from an experienced legal professional, you can hold the negligent party or parties accountable for your neck injuries and claim maximum compensation to cover your medical costs and lost wages.

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What Are Some Common Causes of Neck Injuries?

There are many ways that an individual could experience neck trauma. In fact, neck injuries occur as a result of sudden trauma to the neck region. Here are some of the most common causes of neck injuries in Atlanta, GA:

Car Accidents

Car crashes are some of the most common causes of neck injuries. Vehicle accidents can result in neck sprain, strain, whiplash, and other serious conditions. Car accidents cause rapid, jarring movements to damage the neck, spinal cord, and other areas in the region.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents can easily result in neck injuries such as strains, tears, and sprains. These injuries affect the employee’s ability to work and earn a living for some time. Employees who are working in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and other labor-intensive positions are usually at the highest risk of suffering neck injuries.

Sports Accidents

Professional athletes and people who participate in certain recreational sports like gymnastics, wrestling, biking, and horseback riding are at a higher risk of experiencing neck injuries. Sports accidents can happen due to another party’s fault or defective manufacturing.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents at workplaces, shopping malls, and other commercial or private properties are common causes of severe neck injuries. In fact, unstable flooring, wet floors, icy surfaces, and potholes commonly lead to slip and fall accidents.

What Are Some of the Most Common Symptoms of Neck Injuries or Whiplash?

A neck sprain or strain is also known as whiplash. It happens when your neck jerks in a sudden forward or backward motion. Symptoms of whiplash can widely vary. Here are some of the most common symptoms of neck injuries:

  • Pain – Neck, back, and shoulder pain
  • A stiff neck that is difficult to turn
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue or being overly tired most of the time
  • Anxiety or memory problems
  • Numbness in the arms or hands
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Tinnitus or ringing in the ears
  • Muscle spasms – Random muscle movements that you can’t control
  • Irritability
  • And more.

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Symptoms of Severe Whiplash

Some accident victims may experience chronic or long-term whiplash for years after the specific event that caused the initial injury. There are many symptoms of chronic whiplash including:

  • Problems with memory and concentration
  • Inability to sleep well or insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Ringing in the ears or tinnitus
  • Severe pain in the neck, shoulder, and head areas
  • Issues with the bladder and bowels
  • Loss of range of motions in the neck region

Do I Need a Lawyer to File My Neck Injury Claim?

Yes of course. Neck injuries can be hard to diagnose after an accident. If you plan to file an insurance claim to cover your medical costs and lost income, you should consider hiring a professional neck injury lawyer in Atlanta. In fact, you should not accept anything from the insurance provider without first speaking to an experienced lawyer in town.

These companies employ adjusters to lowball your settlement amount and try to get you to accept much less than you actually deserve to claim. A personal injury lawyer in Atlanta can help you with this. They are experienced in negotiating with insurance companies to get you the maximum benefits for your injuries.

On the other hand, a good Atlanta neck injury lawyer will always take your case to trial in case the insurance company tries to pay out minimum benefits for your injuries. The experienced lawyers at The Super Lawyer will prevent the insurance company from taking advantage of you. At The Super Lawyer, we have represented neck injury victims for many years and obtained compensation on their behalf.

How Long Do You Have to File a Neck Injury Claim in Georgia?

According to the laws in Georgia, you have 2 years from the date of the injury in question to file a neck injury claim. If you don’t file your claim within this period, you will be permanently barred from ever doing so in the future.

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When you or someone in your family suffers a neck injury due to an accident, you are entitled to claim maximum benefits to treat your injuries and recover lost wages. The Super Lawyer is your trusted partner in Atlanta to handle your personal injury claim and obtain maximum compensation in the process.

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