How to Calculate Lost Wages in Atlanta Car Wreck Claims

If you have been involved in an Atlanta accident, you may be entitled to a wide range of compensatory damages. These include full medical costs pertaining to your crash-related injuries, lost wages caused by your injuries, damage to the vehicle, pain and suffering, as well as other types of damages. A qualified Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you determine the types of damages that are available in your particular crash claim.

One of the primary concerns for most crash victims is to recoup damages to cover the costs of their injuries. In the wake of a crash, the treatment costs for injuries can go into tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the nature and severity of your injuries.

At the same time, the same injuries also result in lost wages. Even when an injury is minor and mild, you may have to take a few days or weeks away from work. In the case of more severe injuries, this time may be in months or years. Being unable to earn a wage may further compound your financial problems after an accident. This is why it is vitally important to understand how you can seek damages in lieu of lost wages.

Proving Lost Wages

In order to prove that you have suffered lost wages as a result of crash-related injuries, you will first need to provide medical evidence of your injuries. Such evidence should ideally include testimony from your treating doctor that you are unable to resume work. The testimony may also include the estimated duration for which you would not be able to work.

At the same time, you will need to show the wage amount that you had been making just before the crash. Evidence to prove this may include your previous paychecks, payroll statements, as well as an official letter or note from your employer.

In case you are self-employed, demonstrating your pre-crash wages may be a little complicated. You will need to furnish bank records and statements, tax returns, and other financial documentation to prove that you had been earning a certain level of income.

Calculating Lost Wages

If you have been a salaried employee or working on an hourly basis, you can easily calculate a dollar amount for your monthly wage. This amount can then be used to calculate your total amount of lost wages. For instance, if you have been making $3,000 a month before the accident and the crash forced you to take four months away from work, your total loss of income is $12,000.

However, it is often possible to seek other related types of damages as well when you are filing a claim for lost wages. For instance, you can seek compensation for loss of business opportunities, or reduced earning capacity. Here is a look at these types of damages.

Loss of Business Opportunities

In addition to losing your regular monthly wages, a crash-related injury may also cause you to miss out on vital business opportunities. For instance, suppose you are a salesman who was all set to achieve a quarterly sales target and win an award from the employer.

While you had mustered good sales in the first half of the quarter, the injury prevented you from achieving the sales mark. So your net losses also include the sizable bonus which you would have received had the crash not occurred.

This is one example of many types of business opportunities which are often impacted when you suffer a crash and related injuries. Lost earning capacity for injured business owners can be more complicated. A good lawyer can help you recover full compensation for these losses as well.

Reduced Earning Capacity

Sometimes, even if you recover from crash-related injuries, your earning capacity is limited and not fully restored. For instance, if a crash leaves a permanent tremor in your right hand, you may no longer be able to hold heavy objects. If this was a regular task at your work, you may have to change your line of work or take on a different position.

Your medical reports and testimony from a physical therapist can confirm if you have indeed suffered reduced earning capacity. When this is the case, you can seek damages to compensate for such lifelong loss.

How Can an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Help?

If you have been involved in an accident in Atlanta, GA, it is important to get legal help at the earliest. Here at the Greene Legal Group, our lawyers work with you to calculate the full amount of your lost wages. We also carefully review your medical reports and evidence to see if you also qualify for related damages such as lost earning capacity or loss of business opportunities. Call us today to schedule a free session and discuss your lost wages claim in detail with our lawyers.

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