Ga 400 Tractor-Trailer Crash Halts Traffic for Two Hours

Moving along the Ga 400 in Sandy Springs, a tractor-trailer crashed with a blue sedan on January 14th, 2022, at 3:15 P.M., closing the southbound lanes for almost two hours. The Ga 400 tractor-trailer crash happened near Abernathy Road, with the sedan taking the worst of the crash.

The traffic flow was restored by 5 P.M., as per the WSB 24-hour Traffic Center.

Of the two vehicles, the sedan took the worst beating and was totaled. Luckily, no one was injured severely. The police inspected the scene and concluded that the crash had not resulted in any life-threatening physical injuries to the passengers of either vehicle.

The people involved in the Ga 400 tractor-trailer crash only suffered minor injuries. The identities of both drivers and the exact details about how the accident happened have not been released yet. It is also not known whether any charges will be pressed by either party, however, as per the personal injury law in Atlanta, it is possible to sue the liable party for any economic and non-economic damages.

Though all turned out to be fine in this case (no one was hurt), things don’t always end like this, and the economic damages were quite staggering. If such is the case with you, don’t wait for a moment, seek legal consultation immediately so we can help you through your troubled times.

If you or any of your loved ones get caught up in such on-road incidents caused by the negligence and incompetence of others, you don’t have to endure the consequences on your own. You can request legal counseling from a professional Georgia car accident attorney for injury and property compensation.


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