Pregnant Woman in a Car Accident: Here’s What to Do

When a pregnant woman gets caught up in a car accident, the threat level is quite high because there is another life at threat here – the baby inside the mother’s womb. And, of course, the well-being of the mother is also at stake here.

Even without it being apparent, the unborn baby can sustain harm in such crashes.

In the event of a crash, involving a pregnant woman, there’s much that can be done in terms of monetary compensation for the damages caused.

The pregnant victim must contact a capable car accident lawyer for timely legal action. Here at Reginald Greene and Associates, our team is more than capable and qualified for dealing with such issues.

This article will explain all the risk factors and the best possible route for pregnant women involved in a car accident.

Injuries Suffered By Unborn Babies in Car Accidents

The mother’s womb protects and nourishes the baby throughout the pregnancy period. Any damages sustained by the mother in a car accident will be detectable rather easily. But the injuries suffered by the baby can be rather severe (if there is any blow to the woman’s abdomen), even without any obvious signs.

Some examples include:

  • The muscular uterine tissues can get torn up, and this can lead to bleeding, pain, issues with the contractions of the uterine lining, and so on. Sometimes, the damage may be severe enough to threaten both the mother and her unborn child.
  • The placenta may get detached, this is known as placental abruption, leading to premature labor for the mother, and the baby’s oxygen supply is cut in such cases.
  • In the case of deep trauma, the mother may miscarry the baby.
  • Premature birth is also a possibility that can lead to medical issues for the young one.
  • The mother’s body can redirect the blood flow in the case of severe injuries and blood loss, to preserve the woman’s life, otherwise known as maternal shock.
  • If an object penetrates the mother’s body, it can introduce pathogens which can lead to infections.
  • The fetus can also sustain injuries, i.e. to the head, bleeding, and so on.

As with the pregnant woman, the unborn child can also sustain serious, often life-threatening, injuries.

Your priority in such cases (if the apparent damages were only moderate) is to get medically diagnosed immediately to see if everything is alright.

Here’s What to Do If a Pregnant Woman Is in a Car Accident

Panicking won’t solve anything, you need to be the master of your senses and take a grip on your nerves. Things can be bad, but your behavior is what counts the most – you can minimize the damage. Here are some of the steps for you to follow:

  • Get to the side of the road
  • Call the police and the emergency services
  • Wait for the police to show up if your injuries are not intense
  • Don’t delay medical help at all (you need to rush if the damage is serious)
  • Let the doctor examine your condition both externally and internally to ensure that everything is alright
  • Following this, you should contact our lawyers to get started with the legal process

Gather & Document Evidence

You may not be able to do this part if your injuries are severe, but if someone is accompanying you, perhaps they can handle this segment. Photos and videos of the accident scene, details of the liable driver, the contact information of the witnesses, a copy of the police report, and so on, can help your case.

Keep a track of your financial losses as well and document any physical/mental duress you had to face because of the accident.

These details will help your lawyer make a stronger case for you.

You Need to Get Legal Help Now!

Sitting back and expecting things to work out by themselves is not recommended, especially for cases where pregnant women are involved. The damage done may not be apparent immediately, but as soon as any signs appear (or if something is diagnosed), you should get in touch with a lawyer immediately.

Reginald Greene is a highly competent and experienced personal injury lawyer with unparalleled expertise in dealing with car accidents in Atlanta. The team at our firm will assess your situation, point out the problem areas, build a solid case, and then get you compensated fairly.

Whether you want to settle via negotiations or go for a lawsuit, we have your back. All the legal help you need is merely a phone call away! Contact us at 866-4-LAW-411 for a free case review.

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