Motorcycle-Specific Laws in Atlanta, Georgia

Motorcyclists are usually at a higher risk of sustaining serious injuries in the event of a car accident. This is because a motorcycle can’t provide the added protection offered by a car’s airbags and metallic frame. While the motorcycle helmet is of some help, it is by no means the perfect protection against the impact with a bulkier vehicle. Also, the momentum packed by a bigger vehicle would make the crash horrible for the motorcyclist.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a reckless or careless driver, you must seek the help of an experienced and qualified Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney to be able to claim fair compensation for your losses.

The Super Lawyer has some of the most capable personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia, who’re eager to assist you in all legal matters associated with your crash case. You can reach out to us at your earliest convenience and let us handle your motorcycle accident claim on a contingency fee agreement – this means that we’ll only charge you when you’ve received your compensation benefits.

But before discussing how you can claim a fair settlement for your motorcycle accident case, it is important to understand the motorcycle-specific laws in Atlanta and how they affect the outcome of your case. In this article, we’ve done just that!

Motorcycle-Specific Laws That You Should Know About

Motorcycle-specific laws exist to keep motorcyclists generally safe on the road and ensure that the damage can be minimized in the case of an accident. Of course, this does not mean that if someone fails to follow through with the laws, they’d automatically be denied compensation in the case of an accident. However, you could claim a reduced compensation amount if you’re less than 50% at fault.

But it still pays to know and follow these rules – it’s for your own good.

Here are the motorcyclist-specific laws applicable in Atlanta, Georgia:

  • Wearing a helmet is on the top of the list, and for good reason. While some people opt out of wearing one in the name of personal freedom, the added protection is worth it. Consider buying a sound and sturdy helmet that can resist impact pressure.
  • If your bike does not have a windscreen, you must also wear some eye protective goggles (a helmet screen can also work)
  • You can’t drive between two lanes of cars, this is called lane splitting and it is illegal
  • There is no prohibition on two bikes moving abreast in a lane
  • For visibility’s sake, keep your headlights on – this is a legal requirement
  • You also need a rear view mirror on your bike

You can claim your compensation even if you did not perfectly follow through with all the rules specified for motorcyclists. However, these laws are serious and are meant to enhance your general safety on the road.

Also, if someone violates one or more of these laws, they can only receive a fraction of the original compensation sum as they’ll also be considered partly at fault for their damages and losses. If, for instance, the other party stresses that you sustained serious head injuries because you were not wearing a helmet, they have a point there – perhaps the injury may not have been as bad otherwise.

But in any case, you should discuss matters in detail with your lawyer.

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Why You Need To Hire An Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Now that you understand the motorcyclist-specific laws applicable in Atlanta Georgia, you need to know how to best approach your personal injury claim if you’ve been involved in a crash. If you were not at fault for the crash (or only had a minor share), you deserve to be compensated for your losses. But can you do it on your own?

The answer is “NO!” Why? Because this is what the insurance adjuster representing the opposing party wants you to do so they can either deny you any compensation at all or slash it down so hard that it is barely enough to cover the losses you sustained. You need legal help to sort this mess effectively and to be able to demand maximum compensation for your losses.

Here’s a short rundown of things your lawyer will do for you, this way, you’ll be able to understand why you need an attorney in the first place:

  • Your lawyer will offer legal representation throughout the process
  • You can count on them for any additional investigation into the facts around the accident
  • The legal team will give you an estimate of the losses you sustained so you know what to expect in the compensation sum
  • Lawyers also review the documented evidence you’ve gathered and then fill in the missing gaps
  • They’ll take over the settlement negotiations
  • If the negotiations stall fruitlessly, lawyers can also take matters to the court
  • Since personal injury lawyers mostly operate on a contingency fee basis, they’ll ensure that you get maximum compensation

Let Our Personal Injury Attorneys In Atlanta, Georgia Help You!

Professionalism is our core value at The Super Lawyer. We have highly capable and competent personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia, ready to represent you in your case and win you fair compensation for your losses. Motorcycle accident victims are often confounded with questions like whether they can claim their compensation if they did not follow through with one of the above-stated rules specified for motorcyclists or if they were partly at fault (though only minor) for causing the crash.

You should not delay speaking to an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney about your accident and associated damages because there’s only a limited window for you to claim a fair settlement. We’ll debrief you on the whole thing during the free initial consultation session, and you don’t have to worry about paying our legal fees as we’ll only charge you when you’ve won your claim.

There is no room for delay, pick up your phone, and call us now!

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