Two-Vehicle Crash in Hart County Injures Deputy

A deputy with the Sheriff’s Office sustained injuries in a two-vehicle crash in Hart County on Wednesday, January 27. The deputy was driving to a location where a reported burglary was in progress when his vehicle came into a collision with another vehicle.

According to the details shared by the Georgia State Patrol, Deputy Matt Sparrow was traveling northbound on Georgia 51 when the crash occurred. A second vehicle, identified as a Jeep Cherokee, was also traveling northbound on G-51.

As the two vehicles drew close to the Mt. Hebron Road, Deputy Sparrow attempted to cross the Jeep. Around the same time, the driver of the Jeep turned left to get onto the Mt. Hebron Road. This caused a collision between the two vehicles.

The patrol vehicle Sparrow was driving hit the Jeep on the driver’s side. Following the collision, the patrol vehicle bounced off the Jeep and away from the roadway. It continued to travel along the left shoulder of the road for nearly 300 feet before the vehicle crashed into a tree and then overturned.

Deputy Sparrow sustained significant injuries in the collision and rollover incident, including broken bones. However, his injuries are reported as non-life-threatening.

The driver of the Jeep remained relatively safe in the incident and had no injuries to report. Preliminary investigations show that the patrol vehicle had its emergency lights on at the time of the two-vehicle crash in Hart County.

Hart County Sheriff Mike Cleveland confirmed that no charges will be brought against either of the drivers involved. The Sheriff also warned against turning up the radio so high that drivers are prevented from hearing emergency sirens. At the same time, the Sheriff conceded that even when responding to emergencies, the deputies had a responsibility to drive safely.

Authorities later arrested one man for burglary at the location to which Deputy Sparrow was responding when the accident occurred.

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