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Even if you drive carefully, you could still be hurt in a car accident because of another person’s reckless actions. Drunk driving is a severe offense. It can harm the occupants of the vehicle, pedestrians, and other road users as well.

You deserve to be fully compensated after an accident caused by drunk driving. If you or a loved one has been harmed in such an accident, you should seek out skilled legal help immediately.

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How Can a Lawyer Help Victims of Drunk Driving Accidents in Decatur, GA?

If you are ever involved in a drunk driving accident, you should contact the trusted auto accident lawyers at Reginald Greene today by dialing 866-4-LAW-411 for assistance with your case. Here are some of the ways our legal team can help:

Complete Investigations On Your Case

No stone is left unturned as far as your case investigations are concerned. Your lawyer ensures that details are put together and well-examined to prove the defendant’s negligence. Evidence can include a breathalyzer test, police report, witness testimony, and more.

Case Preparation/Filing a Lawsuit

If the insurance company is not willing to offer a reasonable settlement, our legal team can file a personal injury lawsuit to help you secure the compensation that you deserve. This step is almost always enough to push the insurance adjuster to offer a fair settlement even before the case ever goes to court.

Settlement Negotiation

Insurance adjusters are skilled negotiators that fight hard for their interests, but so too are our auto accident attorneys. We regularly negotiate with insurance companies and other lawyers in matters relating to DUI accident compensation and always focus solely on the best interests of our clients.

Trial Preparation and Representation

It is sometimes impossible to resolve DUI- related auto accidents quickly enough through an insurance claim. That’s why you should trust our legal team to file a personal injury lawsuit to represent you in court and ensure that you recover the compensation you deserve.

Drunk Driving Statistics in Georgia

As much as drunk driving cases have reduced in recent years, too many people are injured or even killed by drunk drivers.

The best way to protect yourself from drunk drivers is to have the seatbelts on whenever you are behind the wheel. However, it is not always your fault. You can find yourself in the center of a drunk driving accident caused by other drivers.

According to the official government department of transportation and the FBI’s report, Georgia was placed in the 23rd spot as far drunk driving is concerned. The national DUI statics shows that more than 100, 000 people in the year 2018 were arrested in connection with drunk driving.

What Are the BAC Limits in Georgia?

Understanding blood your alcohol level in Georgia is quite important. The BAC limits have changed over the years from 0.15 grams per cent to the recent 0.08 in the 2000s.

What to Do After An Accident With a Drunk Driver?

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself in an accident with a drunk driver, there are steps to be followed to stop the situation from escalating further.

Contact Police

If even if there are no major injuries, the law demands that you must alert the authorities. If there anyone has died or may have serious injuries, you need to call for an ambulance as well. The reason behind all this is that you will need a police report to take to your insurance company.

Check on Others

Immediately after an accident and ever the thing has calmed down and you feel you are in a good position to move, switch off your engine and check on the other person. If someone is seriously injured, call 911 for help immediately.

Seek Medical Attention

This is very important. You could have internal bleeding or dislocate arm, or even a fracture. Seek medical attention to confirm that everything is okay. This ensures you get medical care if needed and that your injuries are documented. Keep a record of any treatment you receive.

Speak With Witnesses

People who saw what happened during the time of the accident may be able to provide details that you might have missed. If there are witnesses around the scene of the accident, ask them for their statements and record them on your phone if possible.

If any of the witnesses managed to capture the accident on their phones, you can request them to send you the images or videos. You can hand this to the drunk driving accident lawyer.

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Record the Scene

If you are able to do so safely, make sure to take photos and videos of the entire scene with your phone. You can also make notes of any aspects that may change before the police arrive at the scene. Evidence in a car crash case, especially that which is collected immediately after the accident happens, is something that could make your entire case.

Exchange Contact and Insurance Info

If the other driver is not injured during the accident, take the opportunity to exchange information with them. Ask for their contact information, such as name and physical address, and get the information on their auto insurance as well. Ask them about the insurance company name and their policy number.

Make sure to mote down the license plate number of the car and the driver’s license number. Keep in mind that a drunk driver may be unwilling to provide their information.

Contact a Lawyer

Having a lawyer is the best way to make sure that the case goes smoothly and that you get the maximum recoverable damages to get your life back to normal.

What Damages Can You Recover After a Drunk Driving Accident in Georgia?

Once you get injured in a drunk driving incident, you are eligible to receive the following types of damages according to Georgia State Laws;

Economic Damages

These are those which you have to endure because of the accident. They are :

  • Property damage – Damages to the car and any property inside that got damaged from the accident.
  • Lost income – includes both past lost income and future lost income.
  • Medical Costs – The medical costs will be calculated for both past and future expenses, including surgeries, follow-up visits, and medication.

Non-Economic Damages

This includes damages for pain and suffering, wrongful death, loss of a companion, and disfigurement. These are damages that cannot be seen but are still a result of the drunk driving accident.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are given to the victim to punish the driver who is at fault. They are recoverable if there is proof that the driver has committed willful misconduct or extreme recklessness.

In Georgia, punitive damages have a cap of $250,000. However, this limit doesn’t apply if a driver’s judgment was substantially impaired by alcohol.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim in Georgia?

You have two years from the date of the accident to file a drunk driving accident claim in Georgia. If the time passes, you will probably not recover any damages from the party at fault. It is important to note that drivers in DUI cases may be prosecuted, which means the two-year deadline can be pushed under certain circumstances.

How Much Will an Attorney Cost?

Hiring a drunk driving accident attorney cost depends on the attorney you choose. A lawyer will charge you based on contingency fees, meaning that they will get paid once you have been compensated. The specifics of each lawyer are different so it is advisable to talk about extra fees with the lawyer when discussing fees.

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