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Were you rear-ended and hurt in Georgia and are wondering where to turn? The experienced and compassionate Decatur rear-end collision lawyers at The Super Lawyer are here to help.

Rear-end collisions or crashes occur when one driver strikes the back of the vehicle directly in front of them. Rear-end accidents are the top most common type of auto accident. According to data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about six million auto accidents take place in the US – rear-end collisions account for 40% of the six million crashes.

While everyone involved in a rear-end collision can get hurt, the passengers in the vehicle at the front are the ones that usually sustain severe injuries. Several injuries are common with rear-end accidents, including head, spinal cord, and neck injuries.

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Common Causes of Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions occur for a myriad of reasons, but some are more common than others, including:


When a driver follows too closely behind the car in front of them, they are tailgating. When a driver or motorcyclist follows another vehicle too closely, they increase the odds of crashing into the car in front of them.

Georgia law requires that motorists maintain a safe following distance – at least a 3 – 4-second following distance. This gives the person behind the wheel enough time to react and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Distracted Driving/Driver Inattention

When the person behind the wheel is distracted – either by rowdy passengers, phone, eating, or they take their eyes off the road – they may not realize they are driving too close behind another vehicle and may cause a rear-end wreck.


Like tailgating, when drivers speed, they approach other cars too quickly and don’t have enough time to stop before hitting the vehicle.


Drunk or intoxicated drivers have slowed reaction times and distorted perceptions that often lead to fatal rear-end crashes.

Sudden Stops

Sometimes, the cars in the front stop suddenly. This can happen for many reasons, and when it does, the driver at the back may not be able to brake in time and may rear-end the car in front of them.

Poor Weather Conditions

Hazardous weather conditions like snow, ice, and rain can cause motorists to lose control of their vehicles leading to high-speed rear-end crashes.

Drowsy Driving

When a driver is fatigued, their focus is not on the road, and they may not realize when they are following too close behind another car. As a result, a rear-end wreck can easily occur.

Damages You Can Receive Through a Rear-End Collision Claim in Georgia

After a rear-end collision in Decatur, GA, the first step to obtaining compensation is to work with a trusted car accident lawyer. Your attorney will help you pursue all the damages you’re entitled to, including:

  • Past & future medical expenses
  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Pain and suffering
  • Past and future lost income

In rear-end accident cases where the liable driver acted egregiously or with gross negligence, you may also be awarded punitive damages.

It’s vital that you hire an experienced Decatur read-end collision lawyer to prove the other driver’s fault after a rear-end crash in Georgia. With a dedicated and experienced attorney in your corner, you can get valuable legal advice and representation that is tailored to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Why Do You Need an Attorney for a Rear-End Collision Claim?

Many people assume that because rear-end collisions presume automatic fault on the part of the driver at the back, they won’t need an attorney. Don’t be so sure.

The actions of all parties involved may have contributed to the crash, and you may still be eligible to recover compensation through Georgia’s modified comparative negligence law.

A Decatur car accident lawyer will fully investigate the collision to establish that the other driver’s negligence or recklessness was a factor and get you the compensation you deserve. While working with rear-end accident lawyers from The Super Lawyer, they will:

  • Collect evidence to establish another party was at fault.
  • Take over communication and negotiations with insurance companies on your behalf.
  • Help you file third-party claims. For example, if you were involved in a rear-end wreck because of faulty brakes, your lawyer could help you lodge a claim against your dealership, vehicle’s manufacturer, and/or repair shop.
  • Calculate all your losses related to the accident so you can claim the maximum compensation you’re entitled to receive.
  • Handle all paperwork and ensure court documents are filed properly and within set time limits.
  • Perform all the legal legwork associated with your rear-end accident case so you can focus on recovering.

Claims and lawsuits involving rear-end collisions are not always straightforward as they seem. For this reason, please don’t try to handle your case on your own. As The Super Lawyer, our Decatur rear-end collision lawyers will fight aggressively for the full compensation you deserve.

How Much Will an Attorney Cost?

After a rear-end collision, your financial worries are already overwhelming. At The Super Lawyer, we understand this because we have been fighting for accident victims for years.

Our law firm and Decatur rear-end collision attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. In simple terms, you will pay our firm nothing unless we win your case. Call 404-574-4308 for a NO-COST consultation.

How Long Do You Have to File a Claim for a Rear-End Collision in Georgia?

Suppose the liable driver’s insurance company disputes liability or offers a lowball settlement offer. In that case, you may have to file a rear-end collision lawsuit, and in Georgia, you’ll have a time limit for doing so. The deadline for auto accident actions involving personal injury and property damage is two years. As such, take action quickly and seek legal counsel as soon as you’re able.

Trust Our Decatur Rear-End Collision Lawyers With Your Case!

Whether you were a driver in the front or the rear of a rear-end collision incident in Decatur, GA, the rear-end collision lawyers at The Super Lawyer are ready to sit down and talk with you. At this juncture, it is crucial for you to understand your legal options and make sure you get fair compensation for damages.

At The Super Lawyer, our car accident legal team is dedicated to helping injured survivors of rear-end collisions. Please call The Super Lawyer at 404-574-4308 for a no-cost case review.

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