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Several car accidents happen every year. In 2020, the Georgia Department of Transportation reported 331,796 car crashes, with 1,588 collisions being fatal. As a licensed driver, you must uphold road rules to ensure your safety and others’. Reckless driving in Georgia is a motor vehicle offense as it disregards the safety of others and their property.

If you are involved in a reckless driving collision, it will be best to work with a skilled Atlanta reckless driving accident lawyer. Doing so ensures you receive your rightful compensation if you suffered any damages or sustained injuries. At The Super Lawyer, we are dedicated to helping our clients hold the party responsible for their injuries and property damage accountable. We are also knowledgeable about the law and have experience working with past clients on similar cases.

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What Is Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving is when the person behind the wheel is operating the vehicle carelessly without regard for other people’s safety. Reckless driving in Atlanta, GA, is a criminal offense punishable by expensive fines and an extended period in jail. It can include running red lights, excessive speeding, and weaving.

How Can Reckless or Careless Driving Increase Chances of an Accident?

Reckless driving is a serious traffic offense, and it increases the chances of one causing an accident. Here are ways reckless driving can contribute to an accident:

Driving and Texting

Most individuals have a smartphone, and it can be tempting to text while driving. Driving as you text can be pretty distracting, making it hard to react to sudden changes on the road or stops, which increases the risk of an accident.


Speeding is the most common form of reckless driving that leads to accidents. Speeding increases the chances of one causing an accident, and it leads to more serious injuries. The NHTSA reports that speeding killed 9,478 people in 2019.

Road Rage and Aggressive Driving

It may be challenging not to get angry while driving on some days. When confronted with reckless drivers on the road, it can be tempting to follow suit and drive aggressively. However, road rage and aggressive driving are likely to cause accidents, so it is always best to drive calmly.

Distracted Driving

Driving while distracted increases the chance of one causing a car accident. You may be distracted because you are checking your phone or are having a conversation with someone in the car, and you take your eyes off the road.


It is essential to maintain a reasonable distance between you and the car ahead. Avoiding tailgating minimizes the chances of a rear-end collision and leaves you sufficient space to brake in an emergency.

Ignoring Red Lights

You are legally required to stop at red lights and stop signs. You are placing yourself and others at risk of injury by ignoring red lights.

Turning Without Using Turn Signals

Using your turn signals alerts other road users that you are turning or changing lanes. Ensure you use your turn signals, as failing to use them increases the risk of an accident.

What Damages Can Victims Get After a Car Accident in Atlanta?

There are multiple damages that a reckless driving accident victim can sustain from a car accident. You may be able to claim compensation for damages such as:

Income Losses

If a victim sustains severe injuries from a car accident, they may have to stay away from work for an extended period to recuperate. As a result, they will be losing income. In some cases, they may not be able to go back to work.

Medical Bills and Disfigurement

Car crashes often cause serious injuries, and victims can find themselves struggling with steep medical bills. Car accident victims may also face disfigurement. The disfigurement may be on their face or other body parts.

Property Losses

Reckless driver accident victims can also experience property loss. For instance, in a reckless accident collision, their vehicle may be damaged beyond repair.

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How Can I Prove the Other Driver Was Behaving Recklessly?

There are different ways we can help you prove that the other diver was behaving recklessly. These include:

Speedometer Calibration

With speedometer calibration, it is easy to prove the other driver was being reckless, especially if they were speeding.

Witness Testimony

Eye witness testimony can help prove the other driver was behaving recklessly. It is best to get the details of anyone at the accident scene as they can serve as witnesses, and it also helps to call the police to the accident scene to take a statement.

Highway Camera or Dashcam

These are essential as they can help you easily prove the other driver was being reckless as they are video evidence, which is hard to dispute.

The skilled Atlanta reckless driving accident attorneys at The Super Lawyer will investigate the accident on your behalf, gather and analyze the collected evidence and develop a strong case. We will do everything to prove the other driver behaved recklessly to ensure you get your rightful compensation.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim in Atlanta, Georgia?

In Atlanta, Georgia, you have up to two years to file your claim after being involved in an accident. If the period expires before you file the claim, your reckless driving accident claim will be denied, and there is no recourse. If you get involved in a reckless driving accident and are injured, ensure you file your claim immediately.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

There are multiple benefits of working with a skilled Atlanta reckless driving accident lawyer. Here is why you need a lawyer:

Case Preparation

Your lawyer can help you prepare for your case and handle all the paperwork. Lawyers also make it easier for you to understand the legal process.

Settlement Negotiation

Negotiating with insurance companies can be challenging, but the process is more straightforward when working with our skilled attorneys. We have experience and will negotiate on your behalf so insurance companies do not lowball you.

Trial Representation

Our trial lawyers can represent you in court if out-of-court talks hit a dead end. We will present the best case before the judge and jury, ensuring you secure a fair settlement for your reckless driving accident claim in Atlanta. If need be, our attorneys will call expert witnesses to the stand, including doctors and the police, to secure the best outcome for your case.

How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

At The Super Lawyer, we represent Atlanta reckless driving accident victims and their loved ones on a contingency fee basis. If you sustain injuries because of a reckless driving accident, call us and schedule a free consultation. We only charge you after we win your case. Call us at 404-574-4308 to learn about our contingency fee plan.

Review Your Claim With Our Atlanta Reckless Driving Accident Lawyers

Reckless driving is a punishable act by the law, but insurance companies often do everything to prove their client is not negligent. Going against an insurance company by yourself is not the best choice. Let the skilled Atlanta reckless driving accident attorneys at The Super Lawyer help you receive the compensation you deserve.

If you have suffered injuries or loss of property in a reckless driver accident, call 404-574-4308 today or fill out our contact form and let us help.

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